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Jake and Justin Benjamin of Brilliant Basement Waterproofing have been doing exclusively waterproofing and landscaping drainage since their father had them digging out basements and putting in drainage at 12 years old. Because of the large amount of Landscaping they do after installing yard drainage and gravity drains they found themselves always putting hardscapes such as pavers and retaining walls and landscapes such as plants stone and mulch back together. With that in mind and not wanting to compete with their father, they opened and ran a very successful landscaping company for 6 years from 2013-2019 called Artistic Landscaping Design and construction, LLC. They enjoyed great success in the business. But still they found themselves doing a large amount of drainage and basement waterproofing so they knew they had a unique set of skills that would totally reshape the waterproofing world and change it forever as their father had for 50 years. With their father's business going into retirement they now mix their unique blend of multiple skills to develop one of the greatest drainage services in New England. 

                                                      Our Story


Ever since we were teenagers we, Justin and Jake Benjamin, had the privilege of working for our father. Unfortunately for us this job happened to be one of the dirtiest and hardest jobs. It involved a lot of ditch digging and heavy lifting of objects like 90 pound jackhammers, buckets, rocks, etc. It involved a lot of getting into cramped, dark basements and crawl spaces, likely inhabited by spiders or other lovely pests. It is a job that I’m sure Mike Rowe would have loved to explore on his dirty Jobs television show. This job was basement waterproofing.


Our father, George Benjamin has been involved in waterproofing basements for well over 50 years and has invented many unique and very effective methods. Ever since we were teenagers he has trained us in the field. Since then we have been able to stand on his shoulders to further refine and engineer the process. Even so, the job remains a dirty one, but it is also a job that we have grown to love and take pride in.


Separating from our father's business for a time, we opened up and ran a very successful landscaping business for 6 years so as not to compete, but work hand in hand with our father. Doing so, we have also become experts in pavers, beautifying landscapes, etc. This unique blend of talents becomes extremeley crucial when running our drainage systems through very complicated hard scapes that each demand their own entire scope of work. Now that our father is retiring, we have taken the reigns back on waterproofing, creating our own business: Brilliant Basement Waterproofing, LLC. We now service the entire state of Connecticut and have seen it all in regards to any water drainage issue that you can think of. We are both heavily experienced and creative. There’s absolutely no water problem that we can’t handle.

If you have any questions, or if there is a water situation in your basement that needs the attention of a professional, we urge you to get in touch with us right away. Call Today!

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