Footing Drains

We specialize in installing internal footing drains to alleviate your basements flooding problem. Guaranteed for life, internal footing drains are the ultimate and most definite solution to lowering a high water table.

Flex Seal

Flex Seals

When sealing a crack just won't do. Our version of dealing with leaky cracks deals with the issue of expanding and contracting concrete, while other sealers will just crumble and fail.


Sump Pumps

Sump pumps, Battery Back up and Water powered back up sump pumps. All professionally installed with hard plumbing. No cheap plastic hose kits. 

Pump basins are professionally dug and concreted in. 


Landscaping Drainage

Divert water away from the house. Or get rid of the puddles in your yard! Everything helps when dealing with a basement water problem. Sometimes athe problem can be solved entirely outside.


Crawl Spaces

Seal off your house from the moist damp earth with drainage matting and a vapor barrier. Breath better and improve life quality!


Downspout Drainage

Don't let your gutters drain right next to your house! That is a whole roof of water dumping in a bad place every time it rains. Pipe your downspouts away from the house!

Egress window

Egress Windows

Replace and old bulkhead or install a new one from scratch. We can bust up an old bulkhead, prepare and install a brand new precast concrete bulkhead. If your old bulkhead leaks we can also install drainage to keep the water out of your living space.


Gravity Drain

Gravity Drain System Eliminates Your Sump Pump! 

If the conditions are right outside of the house, it may be possible to eliminate a pump in the house all together! All that would be required is proper grades and the use of gravity.Removing a pump can drive up property value. Ask us to come take a look at yours today!


Bulkheads and Bilco Doors

Raise your property income with an egress window. In order to rent a basement apartment 2 sources of egress are needed. Egress windows provide plenty of light to an otherwise dark basement situation while serving for this great safe and profitable purpose.

basement finishing stock.jpg

Basement Finishing

Finally make use of all the living space in your house! Beautify a space once unusable and turn it into extra bed rooms another living room or a man cave anything your heart desires.Our carpenters specialize in sustainable basement finishing for you and your family.